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December 01, 2008


Robyn McMaster

Like you, I find it touches the spirit differently to receive generosity with no expectations.

Followed your link from Robert Hruzek's site, Karen. I'm truly amazed at the speed you work since he just posted this month's WILF challenge. Wow!!

Karin H.

Hi Robyn, thanks for dropping by again.

Life wouldn't be the same without these generous people. It would be bare, sad and so much harder.

I'll let you into a secret: Robert forewarned us a whole week before, so plenty of time to write (well, more copy/paste) this.

Karin H.

Robert Hruzek

Isn't it wonderful to find someone whose generosity knows no bounds? It can change your whole outlook on life, can't it? Hey - come to think of it, I think it did!

Sounds like you found a good one, Karin. Many thanks for your generous contribution to the project this month, too! (Sorry I was so late in finding it!) :-\

Karin H

Hey my generous friend!

You're right in one - and it did change more than just the outlook on life, it changed our 'fortune' too.

Karin H

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