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November 06, 2008


Robert Hruzek

Very interesting, Karin. I'm still not sure I get the title, but I understand the concept. It does sound like a nice, pleasant place to live, doesn't it? I wonder if such a place would actually work though. Human nature is generally not very conducive, I'm afraid.

Hey, thanks for writing about it, though. It's certainly food for thought!


Karin H.

Hi Robert!

You don't want to know how often I had to hit the 'back-space' button writing those last two paragraphs. Somehow my intuitive thoughts and feelings about the principle didn't want to appear on 'paper'.

Perhaps if I had added the fact that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi stands in the centre of the village it would have 'painted' a better picture?
But nonetheless a great 'ponder' subject ;-)

Karin H.

Ellen Weber

Thanks Karin, for opening a discussion on freedom -- perhaps the finest thing we own as Americans. We'll likely always disagree about how that freedom is attained and sustained, and that too is OK in a free world where we respect one another. Your site is refreshing! Ellen

Karin H.

Hi Ellen

Thanks for your comment. I believe strongly that freedom has more to do with respect for each other and being allowed to do what feels right for yourself as long as it doesn't clashes with the first part - respect for others - than by rules and regulations of governments/organisations that decided for us what freedom is.

Karin H.

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