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April 13, 2008


Robert Hruzek

I knew you wouldn't let me down, you rascal, you! I think we've all "been there", too! That first blush of enthusiasm lasts about as long as it takes to start rebuilding where you once were... :-\

Karin H.

Hi Robert

Rascal versus turtle? ;-)

Well, my enthusiasm is back - just a bit. This week I'm all geared up to work with new 'speed';-)

Karin H

Marcus Goodyear

Karen, I've been away for far too long! Reading this post makes me wonder why I'm thinking of buying a new computer at home. I can handle slow. But transferring files and untangling cords sounds awful.

Karin H.

Hi my good friend Marcus!

Yes, life has a way to keep us busy, isn't it ;-)

PC is behaving nicely now and even turning into a real ROI. So I think (with hindsight, but when don't we?) the hassle has been worth it.
Who knows, I might even find time to write more ;-)

Karin H.

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