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July 29, 2007


Robert Hruzek

Karin, sounds like a great place to come from! Great roots, and all. I would have loved to see that tower dressed up!

Karin H.

Hi Robert.
Hearing it (him) speak is much more impressive ;-)

Karin H.

Pete Aldin

Dressing up as the devil and getting away with it! Now that's fun.

Thanks Karin for colouring in our image of you ... and for tagging me. That's 3 memes this month for me. People out there are making me think too much.

I'll see what I can come up with over the next couple of days!

Thanks for tagging me.

Karin H.

Hi Pete

Glad you're joining the fun! Looking forward to see your howe-town.
I'm still trying to catch up on 3 other tag's-meme's too. Blogging is hard work ;-)

Karin H.

Robyn McMaster

Hi Kaatje, what fun to learn of Bergen op Zoom and its traditions! Makes me yearn to visit!

Karin H.

Hi Robyn

Loved your home-town post too. As I said in my comment there: any tourist information bureau would love to have you as marketeer!

Karin H.

Brad Shorr

What a fantastic town, Karin! You make we want to drop everything and visit.

Karin H.

Hi Brad

You're echoing a bit ;-)
(Will remove the three echo's if you don't mind ;-))

Karin H.


i want to reit one house smail for 2 persson in Bergen op zoom you can give me list for turist information before i take one in hotel drakula now i dont no where is these post for information about apto or house for to reit in bergen op zoom price max.600,oo euros.please can give adress deze post or andre local i can go for take list whaths is disponibel for to reint? tank you

Karin H.

Well, that's a first for me: a meme post acting as tourist information bureau ;-)

Christine, your best starting place would indeed be the tourist information bureau in our home town.
I hope you'll have the best of times there.

Karin H

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