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June 17, 2007


Liz Strauss

Karin! Fabulous! How wonderful it a gift that you shared here. Thank you so much. I see so much -- love, joy, and family. I feel like I've met them.

It's Father's Day here, so give folks some time to stop by to take a peek.

Thank you again!

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Hi Karin,

Great post! I'm a big camping fan and love the outdoors. You look like you had some excellent times in Sweden.

Thanks very much for linking to my original post. I'll add this article to my list there.

All the best.

Karin H.

Hi Liz

Thanks for dropping by, glad you 'enjoy' my family ;-) They are nice bunch. Gift from my mother was really wonderful, don't you miss the 'old' times when you don't have pictures to look back on? I can 'travel back in time' any time now.

Hi David.
Sweden was extreme enjoyment, in every way possible. (Learned a lot about myself too those weeks.)
Camping, nature, it seems to bring out the best of us.

Thanks for dropping by and for instigating this collection.

Karin H.

Kent Blumberg

Great pictures. The kid pix look like the ones my mother sends every so often of my childhood. And the canoeing trip looks like it was missing one thing - me!

Thanks for sharing these.

Karin H.

Hi Kent

Don't we all have the same type of kid pictures to enjoy and remeniss over time after time? (well, the baby-boomers generation mostly I think, later boys and girls don't have that 'pleasure' - somehow looking at digital pictures on the MS-viewer doesn't really bring you back in time as holding those black and white, some even with ragged edges, in your hand ;-))

I have a full picture book (with notes and other memories written down during or shortly after the holiday) of the canoeing trip. Just recently 're-found' it in a cupboard and spend hours remembering every hour of it ;-)

Karin H

Dawud Miracle

Karin, I love 'meeting' you again for the first time. What a wonderful sharing. Thank you so much for answering my tag.

And I just love the 1-day old photo...

Karin H.

Hi Dawud

I was a very, very sweet 1-day old baby ;-) Didn't stay that way though ;-) (Very boisterous teenager I turned in to, just ask me mum - or brothers for that matter - they can tell lots of stories about their horrible sister ;-))

Karin H.

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