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June 27, 2007


ann michael

Hi Karin!

I have had just the opposite kind of week. I slept in an airport (with two of my kids). Then after waiting on standby SEVEN times we got on a plane home. When I got home, I couldn't send or receive email and had to figure out why - and then fix it!

But....I'm still smiling. It's all part of life, the good and the bad. I'm still here and I'm still having fun!!!

Karin H.

Oh Ann, I feel for you (and your children of course - nothing worse IMHO to have to wait, wait, wait in the most boring surroundings).

But, as you say: it's part of life, the good and the bad. If we don't accept that, how can we truly enjoy and acknowledge the good times?

Glad you're happy, smiling and back home again ;-)

Have the best of weekends!

Karin H

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