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May 19, 2007


ann michael

How wonderful. It's nice to see you!

I've gone back and forth with the picture thing and reached a compromise (I think). On my page there is a technorati widget that has a very small picture of me on it. If you click through you can see my pic on Technorati - or a different pic on my About page.

I LOVE to see pictures on blogs (look at phil gerbyshak and mick sansone or pam slim for some of my favorites). I just can't get myself to put the big picture on mine.

Oddly I also LOVE mybloglog because I get to see who has visited!

I'll probably get over it soon - congratulations on your big leap!


Karin H.

Hi Ann

Nice to see you too. Like your picture in the about page, very 'sparkling' ;-)

I had the same going back and forth about it (just never feel comfortable with any picture of myself) but then thought: I hate it when I talk to someone who wears dark sunglasses or a closed helmet. I want to see whom I'm talking with.

And since I call myself a 'conversational blogger' how could I not ;-)

Karin H.

Jean Browman

I love your picture! It warms my heart. I just discovered your site from Monk at Work, so thanks for your comment there.

I also like the fact you let us preview our comments before submitting.

Jean Browman

This is more of a question than a comment, but I can't find your e-mail address. How did you put "Picture this" in as a link on Adam's site? I'm still very new at this and would appreciate your help. (

PS I would not have found this site if you hadn't done that. So thank you!

Karin H.

Hi Jean

Thank you for your kind words. Found your blog also through Adam (he's a real connector).

As for the preview, that's a typepad feature, nothing to do with me ;-)
Your next question made me double check my lay-out of this blog immediately, but it is up there: email me. Just below 'subscribe in a reader' and above the category list.
Linking in comments is down to what the blogger allows you to do, this blog allows html codes in the comments, as does Adam's.
When I want you to go to my other blog (in which I still have to allow the codes in the comments, slight oversight of me) I type (and now you must read < when I type ( and > for ) otherwise the link just appears and not the code ;-))
My other blog - business related - (a href="") Kiss2 (/a) makes:

Hope this makes sense.

Karin H.

Adam Kayce : Monk At Work

Hi Karin,

I love the picture — it really shows your playful side!

For all the reasons mentioned, I think having a photo on our sites is a great thing, especially if we're interested in community, connecting, and touching other people's hearts (which you so clearly are).

Now when we meet up someday, I'll be able to recognize you from across the room. :-)

Karin H.

Hi Adam

Thanks, it was a very 'play-full' event too. Still glad my sister-in-law (not officially, not her fault, more ours ;-)) suggested this kind of 'group-pictures'.
(your other sentence I take as a compliment)

Looking forward to seeing a waving-at-me Monk across the room ;-)

Karin H.

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.

Hi Karin,
Great to see your pic! I love being able to see people's pictures on their blogs. I feel like I get to know them better when I see their picture each time I visit. Now I will get to see you each time I am here. :)

Karin H.

Hi Kirsten

Thanks for dropping by. Faces do tell something more 'behind' the story, don't they?
(i.e. should have done it sooner)

Karin H.

John Spence

Karin -- I wanted to send you this note to let you know about an article I think your readers might find very valuable. It is a manifesto on: Achieving Business Excellence - the six key things every business must focus on to attain and sustain business success. It is on the website called "Change This" here is direct link: -- it is perfect for someone trying to KISS!

I am a strategy consultant and executive trainer that has been traveling 200+ days-a-year for more than 14 years working for some of the top companies on the globe. I also read at least 100 business books every year and have since 1989. I wrote this manifesto as an overview of the "pattern of excellence" I have seen in all of the best firms I have worked with. There are some very solid ideas for anyone who is serious about improving the success of their business -- I hope you find it valuable and will pass it along to anyone you think would benefit from reading it.

Thanks so much -- take good care -- John Spence (

PS - if there is ever any way I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to send a not. I am always happy to help in any way I am able.

Karin H.

Hi John

Welcome. I'll will have a look at your manifesto later on, always in to learn more, as long it's within the Keep It Simple Sweetheart principle. But as you might know from reading both this blog and the Kiss2 blog some very good friends advice me on a very regular base about growing my business.
Beating them, or improving on them, would be a hard task IMHO.

Karin H.

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