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May 16, 2007


William Tully

Long live the Turtles! ;)

Robert Hruzek

Karin, I'm honored to be your friend, my friend! Isn't it amazing how friendships can be built without ever physically meeting?

And I'm with Tully: Long Live The Turtles! :-D


Hi there my turtle friends William and Robert (but how's that possible, two turtles commenting as first? ;-))

Bob, it's 'border-less' how friendship can be built and sustained. All we need is a keyboard, understanding and a lot of love ;-)

Karin H.

Liz Strauss

Your defition of friendship is so like my own. Maybe that has something to do with it. :)


Hi Liz

It might, it might indeed. As in like alike ;-)

So it might also mean that friends write authentic (now where did I hear that before? - on a Liz blog? ;-))

Karin H.

ann michael

Hello Karin!

The magic of SOBCon continues. Someone clicked through to my blog from yours so I came over to take a look! (I'll look at your others in a minute too).

I like your definition of friendship. It was great meeting so many of my friends for the first time in person at SOBCon - Phil's a great hugger - I'm sure he'll reserve several for you if/when you meet.

SOBCon was such a unique event because it proved that different people from such varied backgrounds can have common ground. When they meet on that common ground everyone benefits from the diverse perspectives. I hope you make it to SOBCon08 - you sound like my kind of person!!!!


Kent Blumberg

You are my friend, and I am so glad the feeling is mutual. Can't wait for the next email or post!


Mark Goodyear

Karin, it was pretty cool seeing Kent across the room and saying, "Hey. You're Kent? Karin's Kent?" He knew exactly what I meant. I found him through you. And you through Liz. And Liz through... well, she just lives in her computer.

Thanks for calling me friend. Now if Akismet will just be our friend too...


Hi Ann

Phil has already promised me some 'catch-up hugging' ;-) (Like your blog too, seems we're on the same page, specially with regards of my Kiss2 blog)

Hi Kent

You had any doubts it wasn't mutual? Nah, don't think so. It's like Ann says "different people from such varied backgrounds can have common ground". Even it is (at the moment, sure I'll be there at SOBCon08) only finding out through keyboards.

Hi Marcus
You're kidding! You really said that? I love that (and am honoured in the same time - getting notorious ;-))
Connecting, that's the power of blogging I'm finding out.

Take care all

Karin H.

Stuart Baker


Wonderful post.

Yes, you and I and others have become friends or are becoming friends totally by blog and email connections. For me these connections are very real, and I value them a great deal.

And I did connect with Kent through you and Dawud, thanks. There it is again. Hi Kent.

Thanks, Karin.

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Connecting through keyboards, but it is still the 'typer' that makes the real connection.

Thank you.

Karin H.

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