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May 12, 2007



Liz is good like that... remember, she does live in your computer :)

I missed breakfast, yay body not liking timezone change but I made it down to the conference this morning...

Phil Gerbyshak has the mic right now and doing a great job.

Hopefully you can make it next year.

Karin H.

Hi Sean

Hope so too! (Perhaps you all come here - oh, that would mean more time zone differences I'm afraid).

Liz does live in my pc, in everyone's I guess! Say hello to Phil for me, have lots of fun.

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

Robert Hruzek

Howdy, Karin! You may not be here in person, but we brought you in spirit!

Karin H.

Howdy Bob!

Thanks for that. Hope you had a really, really good time. Next year I'll bring a turtle? ;-)

Karin H.

Kent Blumberg

We had tons of fun, but we missed YOU! How about the Azores next year - they're about half way between UK and US aren't they?


Phil Gerbyshak

Kent says nothing but GREAT things about you, so hopefully we'll get to meet face-to-face soon!

Karin H.

Hi Kent

Azores, that's a better suggestion than Greenland ! (Warmer for one thing).

Karin H.

Hi Phil

Really sorry I missed all the 'fun', it seems you've been hugging everyone!
p.s. If you believe half of what Kent says about me, you're half way there ;-) Love to meet all of you next year.

Karin H.

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