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April 17, 2007


Mister EDgAr [h.]

hear me, I beg!

Some people are trying to make you believe that we should all observe one day of silence, no blogging and entire day because of what happened in Virginia. Even if the cause seems to sound noble I have to urge the the people of the cyberworld to walk away from this and not let yourselves be deceived by those people.

Silence is already present in our daily life. People don't talk to each other, we are, most of us afraid of showing our feelings to the world around us. People don't talk about mental disease, it's just not something you can talk about neither do people talk about suicide!

I urge you to, not add an other day of silence in your life. Silence is easy, talking is hard. You want to pay your respect to the victims of Virginia? the victims of violence all around the world? I beg you, don't go running to the easy option, one that will not, in no way at all, make this kind of violence drop.

On April 30th 2007 I beg of you, for once in your life, TALK about it!

Karin H.

Our of respect of all lives lost at Virginia Tech I will respect the onedayblogsilence on my blogs.

But specific silence, see my next post: Loud Silence

Adam Kayce : Monk At Work

Mister Edgar — how right you are. Thank you for your courage. (although, you posted anonymously... how odd, to me, at least) It's talking about these things, and taking action, that's the hardest part.

I honor "moments of silence," especially when the grief and loss are too overwhelming for someone to talk their way through.

And, once the intense mourning is complete, staying silent is only going to allow the subject to go undiscussed and unchanged.

Karin H.


Mister Edgar didn't posted anonymously, let me set that straight. It was me who removed his link to a website I (blog owner) didn't appreciate. But I respect his point of view, so left his comment in place. Because I also feel one day of blog silence isn't going to stop the next atrocity.
Hence my further post: Loud Silence.

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