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SOB award According to Lizz Strauss

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February 28, 2007



Love the meme Karin - the "shark guy" pointed me here :) - and I'm just slow enough to find it intriguing. In addition to linking back to them - (I too am not much of a tagger:) - I'm linking back to you -


Hi, that makes two Turtle Bob's doesn't?
Congrets with the SOB status, isn't 'slow' blogging just as fun?
(I'm a SOB too, since end December last year ;-)):

Robert Hruzek

Hey congrats on the SOB status, Karin! Now all you need is a BAD badge to go with it!

Gee, Tully's meme is actually taking off in different directions from where I pointed it. Ah, well, no problem - the more the merrier!


BAD badge, wouldn't that be something ;-)
Although, might end up in Double Dutch, knowing Liz (and me)


Hi again Bob

I had to do a double-take this morning, hadn't understood your congrets (thought is was 'back-dated' for the Kiss2 December 'honour' ;-))

But, as you can see now: Stop/Start is SOBbing in week 71 (in very good company also)

William Tully

From blogger to turtle, all thanks to Bob... and he says I'm the weird one!

A Top Gear fan? Yes, clearly this is a blog worth reading!

Somehow your trackback (thank you) slipped through my surveillance net and I only discovered it thanks to Bob (you know, the weird one we discussed earlier). I've got you RSS'd and look forward to more quality posts!


P.S. Thanks for the help on the memememememememememe.

Karin H.

Hi Tully Turtle (that rolls nicely of the tongue!)

You're welcomemememememe

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