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February 25, 2007


Phil Gerbyshak

So are you going to stop by SOBCon07? I'd love to meet you if you are :)


Hi Phil

Thanks for 'stopping' by. Love to come, but it looks like I have to take a rain-check on this one I'm afraid.
I'm sure some day, some how, some where I'm going to meet all these conversationalists ;-)

Dawud Miracle

Karin, I loved the way you tied all this together. You bullet points gave me a chuckle. Thanks so much.


Hi Dawud

Glad I made you chuckle (great word that is).
Life can be so 'simple' sometimes, a chuckle is all that's needed (and I had/have many the last few days - so thank you also)

Mark Goodyear

Karin, thanks for the link! What company you've placed me in. And all I did was jump in the conversation--that is the real joy of blogging for me. People seem to be genuinely interested in what others have to say.

As you alluded to here, it's the rebirth of good conversation. One big virtual water cooler.


Hi Mark

Water cooler, exactly what I was thinking! (although I thought coffee corner - my vice ;-))

Mark Goodyear

Mmmm. Coffee. This is off topic. But, honestly, I love coffee so much, I feel sorry for people who don't drink it.


Hi Mark

I'm famous for my coffee over here (well, if you know the way a typical English cup of coffee tastes it's not that a wonder ;-))

Liz Strauss

Funny, I was just thinking the top of the world could be right here, right now. :)


Well then Liz
Your wish is my command ;-)

p.s. don't fall off

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