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February 22, 2007





Oh, I like that one, Mike

I'm thinking 'pondersomes'

Robert Hruzek

How about "pondequences"?


Thanks Bob, that's a nice one.

Seems like number two on the list (Finding Strength) Input (collecting) is coming to the foreground now




Hi BobG

Ponderlusions! That's a great find (I think?)
Rather was hoping all my ponderlusions will end up somehow, somewhere, sometime as darn good workable ideas

(or is that another lusion?)

Mark Goodyear

I have to confess my years as a high school teacher burned me against the word "ponder." High school kids discover "pondering" around the 9th grade and they use the word to death because they think pondering sounds smarter than just thinking.

All I wanted them to do was think. My goal = thoughts.
All they wanted to do was ponder. Their result = pondroppings.

Mostly, their pondroppings and ponderlusions were just half thoughts, circular thoughts, that used big words. They were full of sound and fury, but didn't signify much.

Here's the really sad thing. Now that I edit professional writers I find they do the exact same thing!

Karin H.

Hi Mark

Hmm, this must really something in the 'ear' of the beholder then ;-)
Your professional writers, they ponder in the same 'negative' way the high school kids did?

I like to think that pondering - time to 'free-wheel' the mind - helps me think, make my thoughts better, more structured ;-)

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