> Wood You Like’s show-case of DIY-ers

Did you install a wooden floor, using the tips and advice from the "Wooden Floor Installation Manual" and are you darn proud of the end-result?

Then feel free to send in your own pictures of the end-result! (email address is info at woodyoulike dot co dot uk)
If you add your story and how you tackled obstacles we could even turn it into an article for the "FAQ & News blog"

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Oak Herringbone with tramline
Maple Wood-Engineered on Elastilon
Extreme DIY project
Wood Floor Virgin
Oak herringbone
Oak floor by a "reluctant" DIY-er
Duoplank Floor (and house) in self-build magazine
Mahogany Parquet Floor
Wild Ash Wood-Engineered floorboards
Creative with herringbone blocks
Design Parquet Pattern Plait Large with 'Soldiers'
Duo Projectplank Mammoet Oak 'Oeral: aged, smoked & oiled natural
Junkers Classic Beech (reclaimed)
Wood-Engineered Oak boards
Rustic Oak wood blocks (Design Parquet)